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Online Workshop: Craft Your Sadhana

Craft Your Sadhana is a transformational month long journey to begin or deepen your personalised yoga practice.

Expect to further your understanding of yoga as a living practice and learn accessible rituals to bring more freedom, ease and joy into your life, on and off the mat!


🔑  Learn to create, refine and sustain your practices through a supportive and accessible approach to Sadhana.

🔑  Experience four 90 minutes live workshop calls with Lauren, filled with insight and teachings for creating a home practice.

🔑  Access four e-guides with supportive videos, contemplative exercises and resources for further education.

🔑  Learn the importance of practicing yoga in alignment with your Prakriti (constitution) and specific to the Dosha (imbalance) you are working to balance.

🔑  Discover accessible ways to radically shift your yoga and lifestyle practices to live in greater connection and alignment to your heart.

🔑  Build a Kula (community/family) for support and accountability.