Celebrate the Light

June 22 - 30, 2019

Hosted with Kirsty Norton in THE PRISTINE Cyclades OF Greece

Awaken your inner luminosity to flow through life with more peace, presence, and love.

The Retreat


Celebrate the Light is an all-inclusive 8 night immersion into the body, mind and heart through sacred practices on the pristine island of Koufonisia. Intentionally set during a highly vibrant and potent time of the year, expect to soak in the natural light through the Summer Solstice and explore various practices within yoga and various healing modalities to awaken and expand the light within.

‍‍‍The week will be infused with the unspoiled energy of the island and deep relaxation surrounded by the raw elements, wholesome plant based meals, daily practices to strengthen and open the body, mind and heart, and time with sacred and supportive community. When we slow down and take time to nourish, we feel lighter, brighter and more easeful in our day to day lives.  This retreat invites you to soften in order to expand, and find joy in order to create more alignment in all aspects of your life.Open to all levels of practitioners!

The location

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Where the distinctive Cycladic tradition meets minimalism. The Villas are located on the gorgeous island of Koufonisi, boasting majestic beaches, picturesque white washed houses and beachfront tavernas. Koufonisia means ‘the hollow islands’ in Greek – two low little islands of a friable rock have had their coastlines nibbled away by the wind and waves to form wonderful beaches and caves and strange rock formations. Not easy to get to, not much to do – this is the Cyclades as they were 50 years ago.

Koufouisi Villas have been crafted and built with attention and intention to their spacious designs, incorporating outdoor living areas to soak up the natural elements of the island. The two villas each have unique features and artisan made touches. Natural rock finishes with white-washed walls and plenty of cozy chill out spaces create a zen, bohemian environment which invite you to rest and relax in family style eco-luxury. The houses are surrounded by the crystal blue Sea and sea Caves of Xylobatis, terraced green gardens, an outdoor jacuzzi, and a secluded yoga space with pristine views behind the flowing white curtains.  

What's Unique 

  • Daily yoga and workshops exploring our inner luminosity and sustainable ways to flow through life with more peace, presence and love, led by two experienced yoga teachers.
  • Stay in eco-luxury villas minutes’ walk from Pori, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Aegean.
  • Sacred Summer Solstice ceremony to honor nature's cycle of abundance!

Example Schedule

7:30-9:00 AM: Dynamic Asana, Pranayama and Meditation: Awaken the Light

4:00-5:00 PM: Workshop: Celebrate your Light

5:00-6:00 PM: Restorative  Asana, Pranayama and Meditation: Expand the Light


Going on retreat was one of the most unique and special experiences I've had, and I am lucky to have shared it with both my Mum and Sister! Waking up each morning knowing that the day ahead was dedicated to cultivating more self-love, peace and freedom in my body and mind was quite an amazing sensation.

The retreat curriculum was well structured, but allowed for free time during the day to relax and enjoy the incredible surrounding nature. Beginning and ending each day with the yoga practices, and sharing the practice with the group built a strong sense of community which continued to grow over the week. ‍ We arrived as strangers from various parts of the world and left as friends who will all cherish the memory of what was shared on our week together.

Lauren and Kirsty created a truly tranquil and transformative retreat which was easily adapted to all varying levels of yoga. Their passion and enthusiasm for yoga was both encouraging and inspiring. Their gentle, but expert teaching showed the knowledge and wisdom they have each gained through their own practice and dedication to yoga. I am already looking forward to my next retreat with them!

- Lisa, UK

I'm ready to SOAK UP THE light ON A PRISTINE ISLAND IN Greece!

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