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AN ONLINE COURSE TO develop a personalised and sustainable home practice

I want to help you embody the yoga practices to find greater stability and freedom in your life!


A note from Lauren


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Yoga has been a gateway into living the life of my dreams, and my personal practice is what helps me sustain and nurture it.

For many years, I struggled to focus my energy in the right direction and felt trapped within unhealthy behaviors and patterns. I lacked ways to reflect and process my emotions and felt taken over by my busy mind. I was disconnected to my power and creative purpose, therefor my greatest potential to live a life of optimal well-being, balance and alignment.

After 30 intensive days of practice on my first Yoga Teacher Training, I was inspired to maintain the benefits I felt my body and mind. My practice (even if sometimes only 5 minutes) became my most sacred and precious moments - providing a daily ‘check in’ which gifted me ease in my body, space in my mind and clarity within my heart. It gave me a container of support, bringing a daily dose of calm, acceptance and self-love.

Almost a decade later, I have seen that it’s through my commitment to my daily Spiritual practice, Sadhana, that I am living the life of my dreams with full presence, gratitude and so much joy!

I have created this course from a deep desire to empower practitioners to confidently begin a daily home yoga practice through a personalised approach to what works for them. I know that our practice must be sustainable and serve the individual in order to serve the collective, and I’m excited to guide you through this process!


One month of transformation

In this course you will:

  • Learn to create, refine and sustain your movement, breathing and meditation practices through a supportive and accessible approach to Sadhana.

  • Experience four 90 minutes live workshop calls, filled with insight and teachings for creating a home practice.

  • Access four e-guides with recordings of the live calls, supportive video sequences, contemplative exercises and resources for further education.

  • Learn the importance of practicing yoga in alignment with your Prakriti (constitution) and specific to the Dosha (imbalance) you are working to balance.

  • Discover accessible ways to radically shift your yoga and lifestyle practices to live in greater connection and alignment to your heart.

  • Build a Kula (community/family) for support and accountability.


Personal experiences from students


Lauren led an insightful workshop centered around sacred space, daily mediation, personalised yoga sequences and journaling to help me gain a deeper connection to my intuitive self.

Lauren’s obvious talent, along with her wealth of yogic knowledge, shines through in all that she touches. Her understanding of Sanskrit, Ayurveda, Pranayama, and Philosophy will have me recommending her to anyone who seeks a more fulfilled life, on and off the mat. I am full of gratitude after experiencing this immersive workshop because my Sadhana has become an intentional practice that takes me into a higher state of alignment with my Soul's purpose.

Give yourself the gift of connection by enrolling in Craft Your Sadhana with Lauren!

— Melanie Joy Bruner

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With the knowing voice of a seasoned instructor and the authentic heart of a dedicated practitioner, Lauren offers an inspiring approach to creating a personal practice. Utilizing tools, techniques, wisdom, principals and anecdotes acquired through her own hard won experience, she inspires and guides students onto their personal path of discovery.

Our stories are diverse. Our aspirations myriad. Lauren is able to patiently coax our truths out of imagination and into manifestation. I’m grateful and excited to have begun my exploration here!

Peter Whitehead


This course gave me both the tools and confidence that I needed to delve into a home yoga practice. From the basics like safe alignment in common poses, to deeper topics, like what are your ultimate desires - I left this workshop with a greater understanding of myself and my practice.

I have practiced yoga on and off for years, and I am so grateful to now have the knowledge to develop a Sadhana that best suits me! Waking up daily with my practices has proven to be transformational as I start my day from a place of intention and presence. Lauren's powerful and thoughtful teachings are truly a gift.

Shea Spiller







Hosted on Zoom

Accessible worldwide

9:00 AM Eastern Standard Time Zone (New York)

2:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time (London)

9:00 PM Indonesia Central Time Zone (Bali)

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Included in this course:

  • Four live virtual calls which lead you through a journey of Yogic and Ayurvedic philosophy, as well as methodologies to support you in creating your own home practice.

  • Access four e-guides with the recording of the live calls, supportive video sequences, contemplative exercises and resources for further education.

  • Deepen your understanding of Yoga and Ayurveda to support your unique body/mind constitution, on and off the mat.

  • Learn the biomechanics (alignment) of common yoga poses.

  • Build intentional community to maintain accountability for your practice.

  • Recommended Dosha Quiz for further study.

  • Recommended resources for further study.

  • Access to exclusive Kula offerings and consultations only available through this course. 

  • Unlimited free upgrades with new content and additions to the course as released.

  • Half price to join any future led Craft your Sadhana course!

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A bit about my journey...

As a devoted yoga practitioner for years, cultivating and committing to my home practice has been the biggest catalyst to integrate and embody the yoga teachings, off the mat. It has brought more ease, balance and freedom into my life and supported me to move through some of the hardest life challenges with clarity, strength and grace.

Our Sadhana is one of the the best ways to deepen our practice and bring real transformation to our life.

It empowers us to slow down, listen, feel and reflect on what our body/mind is truly asking of us. Our practices are a remembrance of self-care and what is most important in life. It support our hearts to expand as we cultivate more presence and power.

Our personal practices help us see yoga as a lifestyle and the importance of conscious rituals for our day to day success and overall state of well-being. Most importantly, our Sadhana helps us to move through the world with greater awareness so we feel fulfilled and exude more happiness and love to all those around us.

As my own Sadhana has been life changing, I am excited to share an online offering that creates the container to cultivate your own home practice in a way which is accessible and sustainable. Fueled by the ancient teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda, as well as my my own embodied wisdom, this transformative offering is a compilation of personalised lectures, videos and contemplative exercises.

My aim is that this course gives you tangible ways to access Source at any given moment - the infinite space of unbound peace and love that resides within us all when we open ourselves to it!


Frequently Asked Questions


This course is an accessible way to deepen your yoga practice and create transformative lifestyle shifts to find more balance and freedom in your life. This progressive series is designed to help you build a sustainable home practice using Ayurvedic philosophy and a therapeutic approach.

It aims to share the benefits of creating a home practice, and supports you to develop sequences and daily conscious rituals that are in alignment for your innate body/mind constitution (Prakriti) and heart.

Hosted over four weeks through live virtual lectures, you will receive e-guides each week as a follow up with resources including practice videos/audios, philosophy, contemplative exercises and resources for further study. Craft Your Sadhana creates a container with guidance, inspiration and accountability to cultivate sustainable practices to support your well-being long after the four week series!

Craft Your Sadhana empowers all levels of practitioners to dive deeper into their journey of yoga and what it means to live holistically. It encourages reflection upon how you move in our lives (on and off the mat) and how to make shifts to find greater balance and freedom within the body, mind and heart.

Why develop a sadhana?

Our daily self-practice Sadhana is a tool that brings us directly into the heart, the place where we experience connection, love, and wisdom through intention and consistency. When we step into the practices on our own, we refine our journey with our inner teacher and invoke commitment, trust and intuition. The practices provide the gateway for transformation through greater balance, clarity and freedom in the body and mind.  A personalised home practice enhance your yoga practice and offers an invaluable set of tools to maintain sustainability, inspiration and flow, on and off the mat.

why is ayurveda important?

Ayurveda provides a gateway to understand the most basic principals and philosophies of our bodies and minds. Similar to Yoga, Ayurveda creates a blueprint for living a holistic and fulfilled life. The two are are often called ‘sister sciences’ as they are deeply interconnected — and understanding the basics of Ayurveda directly impacts and elevates any yoga practice (on and off the mat) through sustainable practices and optimal lifestyle routines. 

what are the benefits to an online course?

Purchasing an online course is a wonderful way to further your education, at your own pace and from the comfort of your home!

What if I miss a session or cannot tune in live?

All four of the video sessions will be recorded so you can replay and watch at your convenience at a later date!


Yes, absolutely! This course is ideal for anyone who is interested in creating more balance, freedom and ease in their life.

How long is this content available to me? 

Once you purchase the course, the online practice videos and e-guide are yours to enjoy for a lifetime! Included in your purchase are unlimited free upgrades as new content and additions to the course are released, as well as the option to join any future led sessions at half price.

Will I have the OPPORTUNITY to receive personal support from lauren?

Included in the purchase of this course is a special offer for private consultation sessions, as well as a free consultation session in person when you join any retreat with Lauren. You will also receive a discount to join Elemental Embodiment, an online course to deepen your awareness of Ayurveda through Yoga.

What is the total investment?

The entire course is offered at $375.

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