Stand in your Radiance

A personalised mentorship TO align and enhance YOUR offerings

How it works:

This three part program is designed to support soulful entrepreneurs to step fully into their authentic voice and lead a sustainable business that’s in alignment with their higher purpose.

Expect to gain clarity on your unique offerings that will most impact the world, and learn to create a foundation to market them through an online presence that reflects your values, mission and vision!

In this CURRICULUM you will:

  • Immerse into three personal mentorship coaching calls with Lauren to further uncover your unique strengths and skills as a Soulful entrepreneur.

  • Experience unique and personalised sessions tailored to your specific needs, focusing on the ways in which you can share your offerings in the world with sustainability and impact.

  • Receive virtual content map: vision board for branding to use on website, social media and marketing.

  • Receive basic website design through Squarespace and editing of website copy and content.

  • Gain support, encouragement and clarity to step more fully into your Dharma and create the pathways to share it with the world!

Get ready to illuminate your gifts!

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Included in this program:

  • 3 personalised 90 minute sessions to discover your personal potential and awaken your creativity — in person or virtually.

  • Receive corresponding worksheets, exercises and resources to create copy and content to launch your offerings in the way that feels most appropriate.

  • Receive a virtual content map: vision board for branding to use on website, social media and marketing.

  • Receive basic website design through Squarespace and editing of website copy and content.

  • Access to exclusive Kula offerings and consultations only available through this program.

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When we create from the heart, with integrity, the impact on the world is immeasurable!
— Lauren Lee
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A bit about my journey...

As humans, I believe we are all encoded with the intrinsic desire, will, knowledge and potential to live in harmony with ourselves and the world around us.

Our bodies want to be energized, our minds to express with clarity and our hearts to live in connection!

However, to live from this place of alignment requires conscious (and consistent) work to reset and redirect our energy on a physical, mental and emotional level to reflect that which we are ready to receive, welcoming in the right relationships, experiences and opportunities.

While we can get there on our own, it’s faster (and way more fun!) to have guidance along the way.

As a dedicated student on the path since 2007, I have explored and experienced various forms of healing modalities which led me to share my experiences in the form of teaching yoga and holistic mentorship.

I believe that we all need mentors — trusted advisors/teachers that support and guide us to the next phase of our evolution.

I am passionate about mentoring those who are ready to do the work — I am grateful to be the mirror to help others reflect on what no longer serves and empower them to boldly follow what brings them the most joy and freedom!


My experience of mentorship with Lauren Lee was magical. Lauren created a beautiful shift in my ability to take on the roll as a student, honoring exactly where I was at and creating a loving space to build on that foundation. Through Lauren's guidance I have learned how to connect deeper with my students to create a practice that flows more intelligently through language refinement, proper alignment, body mechanics, and creative theming.

Lauren has the wisdom of a woman many years older. She is a teacher who knows the value of studentship at all stages. I cherish the time we have spent together during my mentorship and Lauren continues to support me to this day.

- Charlene Chandler

I'm ready to SHARE MY work with alignment and soul

Frequently Asked Questions

What arethe benefits of a personalised mentorship?

Investing in our self-development is vital for our lives to flow with ease, clarity and truth. We must acknowledge when we are stagnant in our lives or have a blockage that we can’t overcome, and open ourselves to receive guidance and support.

A personalised mentorship creates a platform for greater depth within Svadhyaya, the study of Self. I meet you where you are at and challenge you to lovingly step into the next phase of your evolution. You will be supported through personalised attention and specific tools to help refine in ways that are specific to your strengths and needs.

I vow to inspire and empower, ultimately guiding you to awaken and align to your potential and power!

Working 1:1 is an incredible way to integrate concepts and ignite deep growth. This curriculum is designed to bring greater balance and freedom to your personal and professional life!

Why mentor with Lauren lee?

I have been fortunate to be in close mentorship with my two dearest teachers throughout my journey — experiencing first hand the power of this intimate work!

Throughout the last decade on my path, it’s been clear that my life unique experiences and passion for teachings go far beyond the yoga mat. I have been a practitioner for over a decade and teaching since 2011 within various platforms (teacher trainings, retreats, studios, specialised populations, online) — although the most incredible experience I have learned is how to create a stable foundation for myself online with an authentic presence that enables me full freedom in where and how I want to work. As I am a self-taught entrepreneur, I have learned the ins and out of the refined aspects of leading a business with heart, from the larger front of house aspects such as web design/marketing to the back end aspects such as launching/leading virtual courses.

Creating a business that is aligned with my values, mission and vision allows me freedom, harmony and ease in so many aspects of my life — it brings me great joy, purpose and deep impact to the world around me!

do i have to BE A YOGA TEACHER/HEALER to do this mentorship?

No, this specific curriculum is designed for anyone who is ready to create a foundation to share their work with passion, heart and sustainability!

how long does it take to complete the mentorship?

This curriculum is designed to be completed within two months for consistency and accountability.

What if i already have a website?

I will review your current site and give you feedback on changes that could be made to support the next evolution your work.

What is the total investment?

The mentorship is $975, or three payments of $325 to be made within 3 months.

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