Personalised mentorship designed to refine and elevate your teaching


Serve with Love 

This six part program is designed to aid and elevate yoga teachers to step into their teaching with confidence, authenticity and power.

Expect to explore your values and discover your unique message, enhance your teaching methodologies and integrate philosophies that will best support the next phase of your teaching. 

Each part has corresponding worksheets, exercises and resources for further studies. 

This mentorship is a personalised experience in person or virtually with six 75 minute private sessions and two reviewed classes with feedback.

Part 1: Earth Embodiment — Ground into You

Part 2: Water Embodiment — Skillful Movement

Part 3: Fire Embodiment — Refine to Radiate

Part 4: Air Embodiment — Lead with Heart

Part 5: Space Embodiment — Seat of the Teacher

Part 6: Universal Love — Rise into the Collective


My experience of mentorship with Lauren Lee was magical. Lauren created a beautiful shift in my ability to take on the roll as a student, honoring exactly where I was at and creating a loving space to build on that foundation. Through Lauren's guidance I have learned how to connect deeper with my students to create a practice that flows more intelligently thru language refinement, proper alignment, body mechanics, and creative theming.

Lauren has the wisdom of a woman many years older. She is a teacher who knows the value of studentship at all stages. 
I cherish the time we have spent together during my mentorship and Lauren continues to support me to this day.

- Charlene Chandler

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