Personalised mentorship designed to refine and elevate your teaching

The role of a yoga teacher requires healthy and consistent studentship, on and off the mat.

Mentorship is one of the most important and often forgotten aspects of learning. Through a close mentorship with my teacher, I have personally experienced the direct impact on my Sadhana and ability to teach effectively and from the heart.

A mentorship is personalised and will support you to step into your highest Self as a student, teacher and leader. Whether you are interested in refining your teaching methodology, looking to build your brand, lead your first workshop or international retreat (or all of the above!) a mentorship will guide you to move forwards on your teaching path in ways that are  skillful, potent, intuitive and authentic.

I have been a dedicated student on the path of yoga since 2007 and teaching regularly since 2011. My diverse experiences from teaching in multiple settings (studios, retreat centers, teacher trainings and school systems) and vast demographic of students (beginners, advanced teachers, kids, target groups such as athletes) have given me a unique ability to skillfully share yoga teachings in ways that accessible and inspiring to multiple demographics.

My entrepreneurial approach to creating a sustainable business and authentic brand has shown me the importance of foundation, stability and integrity as a freelance yoga teacher.

I am passionate about connecting with other like-minded, passionate teachers and empowering one another to rise into our highest Selfs. I believe we all have a unique gift to share and when we teach from our truths we create an incredible healing effect on others and the world. You are here to shine, so step into your most radiant Self!

Serve with Love 

This mentorship is a 1:1 personalized experienced in person or via Skype with six 60 minute private sessions. 

Each part of the program has corresponding worksheets, exercises and resources for further studies. 

The course curriculum is to be completed within 3 months. 

Part 1: Earth Embodiment — Ground into You

Part 2: Water Embodiment — Skillful Movement

Part 3: Fire Embodiment — Refine to Radiate

Part 4: Air Embodiment — Lead with Heart

Part 5: Space Embodiment — Seat of the Teacher

Part 6: Universal Love — Rise into the Collective

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