Sacred Summer


Hosted with Marla Cinilia in the lush forests of Maine

Fuel your soul and soak up summers vibrant energy with a weekend getaway

The Retreat


Sacred Summer is a weekend retreat hosted amongst the magical forests of Maine, designed to help you honor and sustain the eternal Sacred Summer both within and without.  This immersion weekend will include solar honoring practices in the form of meditation, asana and pranayama.  We will explore ancient myths of solar deities through a fusion of vinyasa flow and storytelling, and share wisdom for how to evoke and call forth the power of the sun all year round.  

Our time together will also include delicious, nourishing and locally sourced meals, contemplative woods walks, philosophy discussion, and tarot readings by request. The retreat is an opportunity to move deeper into your body, mind, heart and community, while immersing yourself in nature and the radiant energy of the season!

The Location


Summer in New England is one of the most beautiful times of the year with a natural abundance with bold sunshine and lush nature. The fresh air from the lush forests and stillness from the lakes is completely rejuvenating for the body, mind and soul. Tops’l Farm is a retreat destination that lies the banks of the Medomak River in Waldoboro. The 83 acres of pristine pasture and hearty woodland offer an idyllic setting for a unique forest escape. Immerse yourself in nature through simple living with glamping style tents under the starry sky, local farm fresh foods, and numerous hiking trails among the property.

What's unique

  • 3 Nights eco-luxury accomodation in Glamping style tents or yurts onsite at Top’sl Farm

  • Linens, towels, shampoo, conditioner, soap and yoga equiptment onsite

  • Workshops exploring our inner radiance and how to sustainably maintain your vitality throughout the year

  • Daily Yoga practices with experienced teachers — Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Contemplation, Journaling & Ritual

  • Daily nourishing plant based meals with local and organic ingredients

Example Schedule


7:00 AM — Asana, Pranayama, Meditation: Surya Rising: Solar Rhythms
9:30 AM — Brunch
Day free to relax or explore the surorunding nature
2:00 PM — Light lunch
4:00 PM — Workshop: Mandalas of Intention: Mapping Your Destiny
6:00 PM — Restorative Yoga: Drawing Down the Sun
7:00 PM — Dinner


It is a rare opportunity to be taught by such energetically connected, well-respected and inspiring teachers within the yoga community. Fueled by the solar energy of August, Sacred Summer was a transformative weekend filled with powerful work of self-inquiry, energetic expansion and love. Both Marla and Lauren bring deeply rooted illuminated knowledge of the spiritual and physical practice, and seamlessly complemented one another as leaders of the retreat. They guided each aspect of the weekend with an intuitive sense of love and grace, creating a supportive environment for each of us to bring an awareness to and cultivate the power of our inner fire. From the energetic morning  practices, imbued with the teachings of pranayama, mudra and mantra, and the evening restorative practices,  to each of the mindfully prepared meals, it was truly a weekend of nourishment. Stoking this energy, so powerfully and deliberately, allowed me to embrace my daily life with an open heart and gave me the tools to return to this sacred place of power, strength and grace throughout the year.‍‍‍

- Kitri Doherty, New Hampshire

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