How to Evolve through Travel


Travel illuminates our entire being. When we travel we are exposed to new ways of living and perspectives. We have the opportunity to connect and learn from those who may seem foreign at first, but soon realize that we are all unique in our gifts, but similar in our desires. Travel challenges us and encourages us to question or values, and possibly reassess our way of thinking and living. It is a healthy platform for self-reflection and provides space to disconnect from all that we know, in order to reconnect with a deeper innate intelligence within.

Travel opens our eyes, minds and hearts to the vast and incredible world that is all around us...and while living a life infused with travel is not always the easiest option, it is certainly the most rewarding. Life is too short to stay comfortable and stagnant! If you are feeling called to expand and explore, then travel is one of the most inspiring and invigorating ways to do it.

If so, offer yourself the priceless gift of experiences and memories which will last far longer than any material item you own.

Below are tips to manifest a transformational travel experience today, on any budget! 

1. Travel to an unknown destination: stepping outside our comfort zone is where the real learning begins as we have no other option than to reflect, integrate and expand in how we think, speak and act. When we are in new places with unfamiliar traditions or languages, we engage our intuitive capacities through social intelligence and compassion in order to connect. We don't necessarily have to agree with everything we experience or learn, but instead we will gain a healthy perspective on how to treat and values others with respect. Traveling to unknown places creates a sense of presence, adventure, courage, humility and an overall deeper sense of connection to the world.

2. Travel mindfully: Travel with an intention and purpose. Journal the reasons that you are traveling and ask yourself what most excites/scares/inspires you about the trip. This may help you uncover what type of travel you feel will best support you, whether it is to self-nourish through healthy lifestyle choices on a spiritual retreat, building community/integrating through give back, or immersing yourself in history/nature/culture. When you take the time to reflect on what it is you most desire at this moment in your life, your decisions and experiences while traveling will be more aligned, even if you are planning as you go. 

3. Travel on a budget: travel isn't only for those who have extra thousands of dollars lying is absolutely accessible for anyone no matter what your financial situation is!If you have a strong enough desire to travel, you will find ways to make it happen. When you travel on a budget, you are more likely to appreciate the experience as you have put in effort in order to make it happen. Get creative in how you save money and the way in which you travel:

+ Sell your stuff! Let go of what is no longer relevant in your life. If you haven't used/worn it in the last 6 months, get rid of it. If you can live your life without it, then it's time to reassess why you are holding on to it. This will help to pay for your trip and creates less baggage which physically and mentally blocks you from living the life you want. Consign your items, sell them on Etsy or Craigslist, host a garage sale or flea market. Start with smaller items if you have a hard time letting go, eventually the process will become more normal and start to feel incredibly liberating! 

+ Make exchange a vital part of the process! To offer and receive is what make the world go around. This vital exchange creates feelings of reward, gratitude and fulfillment. Participate in a work trade or volunteer program (Work AwayYoga TradeWoofingHelpx), house-sit or do a house/apartment exchange. 

+ Get a job! Working abroad is one of the best ways to fund your travels, integrate into the local culture and gain a sense of purpose. Some of the best options for jobs overseas are teaching English/Yoga/Diving, becoming an Au pair or tour guide. 

4. Travel authentically: In every place that you travel, set an intention to experience things as the locals do, and to interact with local people every day. For example, take local transportation or walk/bike around cities, taste local foods, go to the local markets and ask locals what it is they recommend you experience while in their home country. Don't be afraid to talk to locals and ask questions about their culture, as long as you are also willing to open up about your culture/beliefs/life. Most locals will be as intrigued by you, as you are by them. Gaining local perspective and knowledge first hand is one of the best ways to learn about a place! As with anything, use your discernment and know when you should follow the guide books, other travelers advice or your intuition.

5. Travel alone: When you travel on your own, you are required to move past any fears or limitations to make skillful decisions and overcome obstacles. You become your own'daily boss' and are empowered to determined exactly how it is you want your time to be spent. But most importantly, when you travel alone you become your own best friend. Spending time alone can be incredibly uncomfortable for some at first, however this is where you will truly learn to love yourself unconditionally. At some point you will have to face your personal judgements, negative patterns or boredom...which is a healthy part of self-reflection and growing. You will have to be okay with silence and learn to stimulate/nourish yourself in ways that other people can't. Journaling, reading, writing, meditating and creating art are all soul-fueled practices which we often neglect when we have the distraction of others.