The Japa of Teaching

An inspiring and impactful teacher is forever a student.


They hold reverence for these two roles with equal weight, as they go hand in hand and support one another seamlessly.

At certain times we move through one stage more intensely than the other, however, the more we attune to our lives as a continual practice of yoga, we experience the cyclical nature of the two. We see ourselves within the ebb and flow of life, as both the student and teacher, at all times.
It is a continual pulsation of practice, refinement, and growth...

Adihkara (studentship) invites us to 'empty out' and return to the beginners mindset with humility and receptivity. It's an essential aspect of learning, and creates healthy space for us to receive, digest and integrate new teachings.
The power of our personal studentship is directly reflected in our teaching...

How we show up for ourselves in our own practices, is how we show up for our students as their guide. In the same way that our Sadhana requires commitment, presence, intention, enthusiasm and inquiry - our teaching practices are fueled by the strength and love that shines through these qualities. Each time we meet ourselves in an opportunity for self-study, whether it is in a workshop, amidst an immersive training, or in mentorship, we ignite the process and practice of learning which awakens and expands the teachings within us.

From that place of personal experience, the teachings can land within us. As teachers, our duty is to offer our authentic voice - to openly share from our unique spectrum of experiences and allow our innate wisdom to flow through us with confidence, courage and love.

As a teacher I am continually humbled each day by all that I don't know, and at the same time, all that I do know. It's clear that the interplay between these two parallels and the Japa (repetition) invite deep growth and transformation, and is what continues to fuel my inner desire to support others on their teaching journey.