Live from the Heart


Finding your true purpose in life is one of the most illuminating experiences. It is a journey of rediscovery and remembrance...a process of uncovering of the layers, returning to the roots, and allowing your true nature to unfold. 

It's not always the easiest choice to make in the beginning, we have to be willing to leave our comfort zone and all that is known, and be open to trust in the great mystery of what lies ahead.

I found yoga at a time in my life when I didn't know exactly who I was or what I wanted, but I knew that there was something more. I craved deeper connection, freedom, and to wake up everyday in love with myself and the life I created.

So I left everything I knew behind, packed a backpack and bought a one way ticket to India. I followed my desire to explore the world and immerse myself in the practices. I had no idea what would come from the experience, but the deepest part of me knew that if I followed my hearts desires, it would lead me to my path. 

A year later I completed my first yoga teacher training. I was completely inspired by my own growth, that I knew I had to share it with as many people as possible...

The practices of yoga take us on a voyage of self-discovery to awaken us to our greatest potential. It's a creative process that takes time, commitment and trust and often we are the only ones standing in our own way. Yoga helps us to build strength physically, mentally and emotionally in order to feel more alive, clear and easeful in our lives. It reminds us to return to our essence, of who we truly are: what ignites us, what is it that we desire, and how we can be of greatest service to others. 

It's a practice which evolves and is never invites us to surrender and let go -- to become the channel for the life force to flow through as we create and express it in different forms. 

Yoga provides a pathway that leads us to live in alignment with who we are really meant to be -- to treat our bodies with love, to open our minds, and follow our intuition. It's a true practice of transformation and awakens us to our innate power, abundance and love, the forces that are always guiding us. The more we feel this, the more we can share this -- with loved ones, our communities, and those we don't know. By changing our own lives we begin to change the world, one breath at a time. 

What would it look like to follow your heart?