The Magic of Yoga Retreats


Want to travel to some of the worlds most stunning locations around the world, guided by an inspiring teachers, surrounded by a positive like-minded community while enjoying daily wholesome foods and yoga? A yoga retreat is a magical experience. It is one of the best way to self-nourish and gain perspective on life through intentional ’time-out’. A retreat is defined as 'withdrawal to a quiet or secluded place’ and any integrated retreat will offer you the space to dive deeper into yourself through daily sadhana (spiritual practice of self inquiry), nature and community. 

When you physically travel to new locations (even if it is only hours away!) you have ability to create more space in your mind, and let go of your daily ‘identity’ and duties (parent roles, work life and survival tasks of cooking, cleaning, errands, etc.) — this gives you an opportunity to intentionally focus on yourself with far less distractions. Along with tools and practices for self-inquiry you will have ample time for rest, play and adventure. While each retreat differs in teachings or theme, each one is designed to aid you through healthy routine in a supportive atmosphere — imagine 8 hours of deep sleep, healthy wholesome meals, fresh air and sunshine, along with daily movement/contemplation. 

Depending on your desire and receptivity throughout the experience, a retreat can be an awakening to unhealthy habits or addictions, and can be the exact inspiration and kickstart needed to shine light on more positive habits we can incorporate in our daily lives back at home. 

During a retreat there is power in the intimacy that is created with oneself, but most importantly there is a greater sense of connection and harmony felt as you share this experience as a collective.

The dynamics are always unique to the individuals and circumstances brought together, yet all are encouraged to welcome one another from a place of authenticity. There are fewer 'masks' worn as you only know one another from a neutral and supportive space, not as the 'busy, stressed out employee and parent'. You drop into a space of community that helps to guide you past your personal perspectives, struggles and ego and invites you to become more open-minded and compassionate. You will remember the beauty and sweetness that is always present in yourself, others and that which is all around.

A yoga retreat is truly an opportunity to practice your daily living yoga — on and off the mat. It brings purification, clarity, balance, rejuvenation and inspiration into your many layers — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!