How to live more Mindfully


I am in constant awe of the beauty of life...the 7 billion people on Earth, each with their own beliefs, stories and purpose and the intrinsic intelligence, power and serenity that nature provides all at once. I have always had a deep desire to travel and experience life in all corners of the world. I feel drawn to nature and I am happiest when I am living simply and in alignment with her. It is my forever inner child who wants to continuously learn and be humbled, and it is my inner yogi who is called to connect deeper with life on a global scale. 

This inner desire leads me to see and feel the world in ways which are hard to put into words. The longer I am on this path of self-discovery, the more sensitive I become. I am easily overwhelmed by all the suffering, pain and death and yet incredibly fulfilled by the simple pleasures always available within and around - forgiveness, laughter, gratitude, joy and love.  

Yes, we each have our own capacity to shape our inner landscape throughout any experience, however it is our responsibility to shape our outer landscape in the same way. Just as we devote time to ourselves, our passions and loved ones daily, we must devote energy, awareness and action towards environmental consciousness. 

We are all aware of the Earth's current state of health - she is amass with fossil fuels from human activity which are causing temperatures to rise, new weather patterns to form, species to die and terrains to change at rapid speeds. Not to mention lack of resources - deforestation and pollution of the lands and oceans. Many of our less fortunate brothers and sisters around the world are living in extreme conditions which are unhealthy and dangerous.

It is time we acknowledge the issue of lifestyle and consumption at the centre of climate negotiations.

It is up to us as individuals to see the world with reverence and to heal the world with action, and it starts today, with you!


Of course it can feel overwhelming to make changes in our lifestyle (especially when we have lived our entire lives in a different way!) but remember that starting small is better than not changing at all. Belief that you will have an impact is the first step in beginning this process. The second step is to have an open conversation with loved ones (or friends if you live alone) who can come up with creative ways to save resources/money in your home. Loved ones can hold you accountable and will bring a sense of community -- creating larger impact as your sustainable living is a shared vision. No matter what your budget is, there are ways in which you can create a more mindful life, and the more you practice living in this way, the easier it will become and the higher the quality of your life be!

Simple ways to live more mindfully for the well-being of the entire planet:

1. Watch 'Before the Flood' for the facts and a real look at the current situation of our environment and what is possible to reverse the damage. 

2. Consume differently: buy local, organic and environmentally friendly products. Shop at local markets, enjoy coffee from fair-trade roasters (bring your reusable take away mug!), eat at farm-table restaurants, ditch plastic and use eco-friendly water bottles and make your own beauty or cleaning products at home with essential oils!

3. Alter your energy consumption: invest in energy saving light bulbs, hang your clothes vs. dry them, use the oven for multiple purposes when it's on, carpool or take public transportation and unplug all devices (and chargers!) when they're not being used. 

4. Save water: take shorter showers, wash your hair every other day, install water reducing shower heads and collect rainwater to water your plants. 

5. Eat a plant based diet: meat (beef especially) uses incredible amounts of land and water resources. Try adding 'meatless meals' to your diet a few x per week or one meal daily to begin. Stay open minded and get creative in the kitchen with all the delicious vegetarian/vegan options you can experiment with!

6. Recycle more than just trash: save glass wear from food packaging to store food, use old yoga mats for non-slip liners or donate to animal/homeless shelters, find wood pallets to create furniture, donate/purchase clothing from thrift stores and host a clothing swap with friends! 

Create small ripples of change in your daily life and know that this will impact the entire waters of the Earth. Share 'Before the Flood' with your community and lets raise the standard of living.