The Power of Stories


Myths, legends and stories are an integral part of human existence. Traditionally, in all cultures across the world, they have been passed down from elders to youth to share information and spread teachings.

As the listener, we are invited to become open in order to receive and to tap into our highest states of imagination and creativity. As the teller, we must be present, charismatic and clear in our delivery.

Stories are powerful when told with authenticity and from a place of love...

When these two merge, there is a profound exchange that happens between the listener and the teller. The story becomes the vehicle for transmissions and teachings, and allows the community to grow together through their shared experience of sitting, listening, imagining, creating, reflecting...simply being together. 

The mythological stories have awakened in my own practice over the past few years, and have become one of my favorite aspects of teaching. Through their wild characters (gods, goddesses, demons and everything in between!) and dramatic plots, they encompass the many expressions of humanity through the characters, emotions and circumstances. Like any story, the mythological ones from the Hindu tradition are meant to awaken aspects of consciousness within us. They help us to develop our understanding of yoga philosophy and of our own spiritual journey. These stories illuminate, inspire and nourish us, and provide a beautiful gateway to experience the teachings in diverse ways. 

However, the power of a story doesn't only lie within the context of spiritual teachings...

Stories remind us that no matter how the landscapes change (as they do often!) we are all here with the same challenges and desires. They help us to reflect and answer some of the most meaningful questions in life. They are a thread that has potential to weave individuals into a shared experienced as a community and forever impact them.

There are certain areas in the brain that become active and engaged (different to when we simply hear words/sentences) when we hear stories. The areas in the brain that are triggered, draw us deeper into our emotions in order to connect with what we are being told. 

A powerful story bring us directly into the heart. And just as everyone has a heart, everyone has a story...

I believe that we all have a unique, transformative and potent story to share with the world.

This story is our authentic, raw, sometimes glamorous, and often times messy path of who we are and what has shaped our values...what experiences lead us to this exact moment...what are the wisdom nuggets we've learned along the way, and how can we effectively share them with our loved ones, communities and the world? 

When we tell our stories, to ourselves in our journal, or to an audience in public, we begin to connect the thousands of tiny dots that make up our incredible Selfs. This process is an act of courage and of Self love. It requires us to reflect honestly on our experiences, without judgement, and with full trust that we are living the teachings that we each need to step into most badass God/Goddess version of our individual novel.

When we tell our story, we are reminded that all of the sweat, tears, pain, laughter, love and passion are incredible gifts of the human experience...

When we tell our story, we are empowered to become the author of our life. We see that our story can (and will) shape-shift, and we have the ability to write each chapter before it unfolds.

Most important, when we tell our story, we inspire those around us to also share their authentic story. This creates a ripple and spreads far through greater forms of connection, communication and healing that spontaneously arises out of the shared experience. 

So ask yourself, what is my unique and wild story, and who can I honestly tell it to?