Let go

Snake Medicine: Shedding our Skins

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Just as the Serpent sheds its skin, we too, have the capacity to shed old patterns and ways of being so we can step more fully into our power and purpose. Our yoga practice is one of many gateways into this process of purification. Physically, when we move our bodies into new shapes and forms, we stir up and awaken neuromuscular patterning to create new pathways between the body and mind. When we add breath and attention to this experience, we have the power to clear stagnant energy, allowing for more clarity and creativity to surface.

Life is always asking us to consciously release to make space for the new.  

This process of purification is often uncomfortable as it asks us to shake things up and move into unfamiliar territory...often inviting us to let go of deeply rooted ancestral patterns and conditioning, relationships or projects that no longer align and nourish us. 

During this phase, we can look to the archetypes that embody these same cycles of transformation as affirmation. The snake and the fall season are just a few examples within our natural world for us to invoke as guides. 

A reminder from the snake comes in the lesson of our ability to transform with perfect timing. The snake is highly intuitive and senses exactly when, how and what layers to shed. It reminds us to trust in the process of letting go and stay connected to the higher vision as our new skin (Self) is on the rise. Just as the snake, we always re-emerge on the other side of this process with a sense of renewal and wholeness. 

May your practices bring a deeper awareness of the skins that are ready to be shed in order to call in the next phase of your evolution!