A taste of Truth

Once you taste Truth, it’s almost impossible to go back ⚡️

Because on the other side of the ignorance and disillusion (no matter how simple or complex) is a deep found clarity and freedom felt within the heart, which brings some sort of resolve and inner contentment.

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And once you’ve touched it, there’s a subtle but constant yearning to access this state of grounded liberation.

The body remembers this feeling and always wants to move from this place — anything less feels inauthentic and seems superficial.

And eventually you fine tune your awareness to listen closer and perceive the small messages/signs to discern what is true for YOU in every conversation and circumstance.

It’s a practice of becoming clear on who you are, what you value and how to create heathy boundaries to protect that — its an art to skillfully contain, direct and channel your Prana (energy) towards the right people, projects and places.

But every right action (no matter how small or large) is a step forwards.

And the more right action you take, the easier it becomes to flow from this place.

The small steps create momentum that pulse into fulfillment of the larger intentions, aligning your day to day actions to support your life’s desires, dreams and greater purpose.

To live with radical Truth is to clear the path for yourself and those around rise into who you are truly meant to be and give permission for others to do the same!

It’s your individual birth right, duty and highest form of liberation.

So the reminder and encouragement is to continue serving your heart with honest daily ‘check ins’ through committed practices, trusting that what serves you moment to moment will ALWAYS serve the collective heart of the world, one honest thought, conversation and action at a time 🕊

Woman of my Dreams


And just like that

I see myself as the woman of my dreams

Soulful, wild, enchanting, nurturing and intentional

With clarity that calls in the deepest freedom of the heart

And innate wisdom that honors intuition as my greatest force

The eternal play of my feminine, letting go of self limiting beliefs and boldly stepping through new gateways

Rites of passage that are moving me to the next phase

Subtle openings, pulsing vitality through my veins

With just the right amount of effort

And the right amount of softening

Fueled by surrender and faith

Enhanced by connection and creativity

Held by deep truth and unconditional love

A slow unveiling, quietly stripping away what’s ready to be liberated

More ready than ever

My inner Goddess is rising from new ashes

With a heart that’s set on fucking fire

Sensation as the Spiritual Gateway

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I’ve been in conversation with friends around the subject of sensitivity & spirituality. 
Talk surrounding the intensity of the times.

There is so much contraction within political realms, mass corruption & violence...and at the same time magical movements of revolutionaries & healers standing up for the widespread injustice, inspiring and initiating new paradigms of living.

It’s a time of contrast - immense suffering & incredible liberation.

Our spiritual practices aim to bring more ease and lightness, but they require us to step up and do the work through the shadow.

Everything once covered up, rises to the surface. Slowly the veils of disillusion are stripped away.

The truth of reality bares itself and we’re presented with the choice to rewrite our story & realign.

But we can’t SEE unless we allow ourselves to FEEL. 
Staying present to the sensation of each felt experience is the gateway to mini awakenings upon reflection.

The alchemy occurs when we consciously channel the information presented & move in the way that is most healing for ourselves and those around us. 
Discernment & clear boundaries...receptivity & unconditional compassion are needed more than ever. 
We must stay rooted in our values & remain open to the perspective and choice of another, without judgement. 
Landing back into life in North America has brought much to the surface...a reminder that no matter how sweet or stormy the feelings/conversations are, there are no rights/wrongs. The highest practice is to stay awake to the sensations, to act from a place of truth and lean into the ride. 
Sensitivity is not only a practice, but a gift of our human experience - our souls are strong enough to handle the extremes and courageous enough to move with skill and grace. 
Yes, we are capable of change and are here in this exact moment for a reason. Throughout the swirl is a cleansing, which always leads to a rising. Collectively, we are in it, I see it and I feel it wholeheartedly.