Yoga Trainings to journey into the Self and awaken the heart

Yoga Teacher Trainings are incredibly potent ways to deepen your practice and learn how to better balance your lifestyle, on and off the mat. Anyone is welcome to join a training course, the only requirement is that you have the desire and dedication to dive deeper into better understanding yourself and your life purpose.  A t‍‍‍raining course is a individual experience for each person depending on their current state of health, however, a training is potent and beneficial for all. You will leave a training course stronger physically, mentally and emotionally and with an ignited passion and perspective on your life.

I am faculty member on my teacher, Suzanne Slocum Gori-Faith's teacher trainings in Ibiza since 2015. Awakening of the Heart 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is an annual training which incorporates a diverse and in depth approach to the practice, philosophy and teaching methodology of yoga.  

I lead Radiant Present, an annual continued education immersion focused on supporting teachers to refine and enhance their practice and teaching methodologies. 

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