True power is living the realization that you are your own

healer, hero and leader.

- Yung Pueblo


I've been a dedicated student on the path of yoga

for over a decade, and have a fierce desire to share the teachings as a gateway to awaken consciousness for a collective awakening.

I live, learn and love in various countries around the world and fuse together my passion for holistic health, travel and community through immersive and transformative experiences.

I believe life is a sacred opportunity to express our true nature and live in connection to Spirit, awakened to our innate purpose...

My journey with yoga began during the  cold New England winters while in University, during a phase in my life when I seemed to have it all — loving parents, a commendable education, and the brains to excel in whatever I put my mind to. But inside I felt empty and lost.  

I wasn't inspired or engaged by the traditional education system and went through each semester mindlessly to receive my degree and please those around me. I felt disconnected to my‍‍‍ true desires, to myself as a woman, and to my creativity.  

During my sophomore year, I moved off campus to a small nearby city, which provided more opportunities for work and healthier lifestyle options. I was waitressing full time to save money to travel, when I met a group of friends who practiced yoga at a local studio and decided to join them.

I remember leaving my first yoga class completely challenged and totally inspired...I felt awake, alive and clear in my body and mind. I couldn't exactly put into words what I had experienced in those 90 minutes, but I knew something magical that had occurred.

That moment was a catalyst in my journey. 

It was as if the tiny seedling inside me was finally noticed and nurtured...and with the water of my attention and love, it began to sprout! I trusted in the magic and dove in, practicing daily at the studio.  Yoga became a gateway to experience my physical body in ways that I had never felt before, to calm my very active mind, and to return to the essence of who I was.  

It didn't take long to notice the overall impact yoga had in all aspects of my life...

And although classes were a constant practice, it wasn't until I graduated and had to answer the bigger life question of 'what next' that yoga truly become a part of my lifestyle...

Instead of job searching, I began to ask deeper questions about my purpose in life, current state of happiness, and what it would look like to follow my heart courageously?

My answers led me to follow my passion for travel and enthusiasm for yoga — I packed a backpack and bought a one way ticket to South India to volunteer at a yoga retreat. I found myself living in a plywood thatched roof hut, meters from the ocean, with a handful of possessions, alone and in a foreign context — yet had never felt so fulfilled.

It was on that small palm lined beach that I was introduced to an entirely new way to living which integrated daily yoga and meditation, plant based foods, a diverse community of world travelers and entrepreneurs, and the simplicity of a sustainable life off the grid.

The following year I returned, completed my first Yoga Teacher Training, and began teaching the next day...

Yoga has led me to explore and live all over the world. My commitment to my own practice and continual studentship, unique teaching experiences, vast travels,  and global network continue to shape my values and path. Yoga gifts me the tools to live authentically from the heart, from a place of true connection and health.

I am deeply passionate about guiding others to live in ‍‍‍alignment with their heart!

I share teachings which help me live with greater ease, freedom and joy, and I aim to inspire and empower those around me to do the same, whether it’s through a smile, conversation or class! I believe that we are each encoded with an incredible capacity to evolve and expand and that we are not meant to do it alone — life is far more beautiful when we can support and lift one another up!

On the mat, I teach an alignment based Hatha-Vinyasa Flow, incorporating intelligent sequencing and potent themes that relate to the various archetypes of the human psyche and natural world to connect deeper to the many layers of our human existence.

I encourage a safe exploration of the physical and subtle bodies to build inner strength, cultivate clarity, and uncover the natural states of joy and abundance which are always within us. From this place of awareness, we awaken the inner sanctuary of the heart and move towards a life infused with greater states of peace and purpose.

My teachings are deeply inspired by the Tantric based Anusara lineage, organic movement of the body, and the intrinsic creative pulse within and around us.‍‍‍

Connection to the heart and community is‍‍‍ central to my teaching.

‍‍‍I lead international workshops, retreats and teacher trainings with experienced and devoted teachers within the world of Holistic Health. I am a certified E-RYT 500 Hour with Yoga Alliance and Anusara Inspired teacher with over 2,000 hours of diverse teaching experience and mentorship with my two dearest teachers Rose Baudin and Suzanne Faith Slocum-Gori.

When I'm not teaching, you can find me enjoying the simple pleasures of life...I am almost always near an ocean and in the sun, planning my next meal or allowing my creativity to flow through writing or singing. I believe yoga is a living embodied practice which can be accessed throughout our day to day existence. Every moment and cycle of breath holds deep wisdom and opportunities for growth.

My path continues to unfold in the most unexpected and wild ways, and I am grateful for the practices and teachers that continue to guide me to better understand my truth and how I can be of greatest service to the world.

I hope that my story leaves you with a desire  to explore further what it is that truly brings you happiness and freedom. I love expanding my Kula (community from the heart) and hope to connect further on and off the mat to inspire and empower one another!


Gratitude to those who have inspired my practice and shaped my teaching...