True power is living the realization that you are your own

healer, hero and leader.

- Yung Pueblo


I've been a dedicated student on the path of yoga

for the last thirteen years, and have a fierce desire to share the teachings as a gateway to awaken consciousness to support the collective awakening.

I’ve courageously carved my own path, choosing to create a life that is fueled by my hearts desires and fulfilled by living in alignment to my core values. Yoga has been the container to support me with stepping into my power and potential. It’s been a journey of remembrance and recognition of my authentic Self, a sweet and beautiful homecoming of the heart.

I believe life is a sacred opportunity to live in connection to our unique purpose and Spirit is essential within this innate expression…

My journey with yoga began while in University, during a phase in my life when I seemed to have it all — the opportunity to receive a commendable education, a vibrant social life and loving family…yet inside I felt empty, lost and disconnected. I was unconscious to who I was and what I truly desired, and felt suppressed by the very linear trajectory of my life, based on societies standards and conditioning.

I lacked a connection to Spirit and meaningful guidance on how to explore my creative potential. I was uninspired and disengaged, moving mindlessly through the education system I felt trapped within. This outplayed into teenage years fueled by substance abuse and toxic relationships, seeking some sort of excitement by testing boundaries and exploring my limits. Deep within, my heart always knew there was more to life than the current reality I was experiencing, and held an insatiable desire to know the Truth of a more meaningful reality.

During my second year, I moved off campus to a small nearby city and waitressed full time to save money to travel. I soon met a group of friends who practiced yoga at a local studio and decided to join them one day…

My first class was a catalyst moment! 

I finished Savasana and felt more alive and free in my body/mind than I’d ever felt before! I didn’t understand from a cognitive level what had taken place, but I knew something had shifted and listened to the sensations that were unfolding. I was immediately hooked on this feeling, trusted in the magic and dove in, practicing daily at the studio. 

Yoga became a gateway to experience stability and openness in my body. It gave me the tools to work with my mind, and understand that my emotions and thoughts can be alchemised into a positive force. It opened me to a sense of Divinity — for the first time in my life it was evident that the energy I cultivated within myself was inextricably connected to the larger force that pervades the entire Universe.

It didn't take long to notice the overall impact yoga had in all aspects of my life...

Although I was consistently practicing at the studio, it wasn't until I graduated and began answering the bigger life question of 'what next' that yoga truly become a holistic practice. I had already tasted enough Truth to know that working a job within the comforts of America wasn’t going to fuel me on a deeper Spiritual level.

I reflected on what it was that brought me joy and what my heart was yearning for most?

My answers led me to follow my desire to travel and explore the world, in an environment that I could learn and practice yoga — within months I bought a one way ticket to South India, packed a backpack and flew across the world to volunteer at a yoga center. I found myself living in a plywood thatched roof hut with a sand floor, meters from the ocean, with a handful of possessions, alone and in a foreign context — yet had never felt so fulfilled!

It was on that small palm lined beach that I was introduced to an entirely new way to living which integrated daily yoga and meditation, plant based foods and a diverse community of world travelers, expats and entrepreneurs who shared a similar desire to create a life defined by their values, where their creative purpose was expressed freely.

I accessed a new paradigm and way of being which resonated on the deepest level within my Soul.

I tapped into a place of Truth within myself and was no longer able to ignore it’s presence.

I soon completed my first Yoga Teacher Training, and began teaching the next day...

My initial years living in India gifted me the space to move through intense stages of purification and showed me the immense power we each hold to transform. It brought me to a deep reverence and devotion for the rich and vast teachings of the Vedas.

Yoga has led me to explore and live all over the world, and brought me to my two most influential teachers who I closely mentor with. My commitment to my own practice and continual studentship, unique teaching experiences, vast travels, and global network continue to shape my path.

Yoga has gifted me the tools to live authentically from the heart, and I am forever grateful to be able to share the philosophies and practices which help me to stay rooted in this place.

I am deeply passionate about guiding others to live in alignment to their Truth!

I share teachings which help me live with greater stability, ease and joy in all areas of my life. My highest aim is to empower others to commit to living in alignment with their optimal state of well-being (physically and energetically!) and believe in their ability to transform, trusting in the sacred encoding of the Universe which is eternally supporting our evolution.

On the mat, I teach Anusara Yoga, a lineage rooted in Tantra which incorporates refined alignment, intelligent sequencing and potent themes related to the various archetypes of the human psyche and natural world to connect deeper to the many layers of our human existence.

I encourage a safe exploration of the physical and subtle bodies and look for the innate goodness and beauty within each shape on the mat. I support students to cultivate awareness and attune to the natural and abundant states of joy which are always within us.

Connection to the heart and community is‍‍‍ central to my teaching.

I am a certified E-RYT 500 and Continued Education Provider with Yoga Alliance and Anusara Inspired teacher with thousands of hours of diverse teaching experience and mentorship with my two dearest teachers, Rose Baudin and Suzanne Faith Slocum-Gori. ‍‍‍I currently lead workshops, retreats and teacher trainings between Bali and Europe.

When I'm not teaching, you can find me enjoying the simple pleasures of life...I’m almost always near an ocean and in the sunshine, and currently feel nourished by writing, singing, surfing and dancing.

I am continuously humbled by the path of Yoga and the immense love, power and potential that Spirit holds. I am grateful for the practices and teachers that continue to guide me to better understand and embody my Truth, so I can be of greatest service to the world.

I hope that my story leaves you with a desire  to explore further what it is that truly brings you happiness and freedom. I love expanding my Kula (community from the heart) and hope to connect further (on and off the mat!) to inspire and empower one another.


Infinite Pranams to those who inspire my practice and shape my teaching...